Tiny Tinted Windows

December 14, 2017

we are all voyeurs

in a world connected

by tiny tinted windows

social media scouts

looking for intel

concealed in shadows

never daring to simply whisper



Ceiling Tiles

December 13, 2017

crisp white ceiling tiles look down on me

each fitting perfectly in their square

you can have your high and mighty

i’m happy living down here

The Shoe Box

December 10, 2017

our universe

is inside an old shoe box

— lid held on by a tiring rubber band —

on a dusty shelf in God’s attic

a long-forgotten collection

from His youth

Late Autumn Hike

December 8, 2017

crunching leaves echo

through the bleak abandoned woods

i watch my breath rise

A Day’s Work

December 6, 2017

the cheerful wood thrush persistently pecks at the forest floor

pausing now and then to share a song

all in a day’s work

Old Photo Albums

December 5, 2017

Thumbing through old photo albums

I see monochrome ghosts in the prime of their lives



A gleam in their eyes

Soon to be memories in a dusty book

Letters Never Sent

December 2, 2017

Words never written

Letters never sent

Feelings never shared

Memories never missed

She laughed and turned away

Hiding welling eyes