The Racers

August 21, 2018

as mothers hollered

and moths collided

the sweaty, mashed-hair kids

raced once more

through the streetlights’ fresh dots

then said their goodbyes

and pedaled slowly home

not yet understanding

how quickly summers go


Rawboned Branches

January 4, 2018

long rawboned branches

stretch far through a freezing fog

to scratch the sky’s back

Magic Still Exists

December 25, 2017

children fast asleep

dreaming of Santa’s presents

magic stil exists

The Hillside

December 23, 2017

barren brown hillside

beaten by relentless wind

just wants to lie down

The Distraction

December 21, 2017

posing as a gentleman

winter knocks politely on the door

distracting us as frost peeks in our bedroom windows

and brutal cold sneaks through every gap

surrounding us

until we are forced to surrender

The World has Gone Blind

December 20, 2017

though the world has gone blind

leaving beauty and light

in the dark

i still clumsily open my curtains each morning


for just a bit of warmth

Nudge Nudge

December 19, 2017

sun seeps through drawn drapes

gently nudging me awake

good morning old friend