birds migrate

while humans suffer

i’m ready to fly away


Well Worn Blankets

December 30, 2017

falling sky

flaking skin




into well worn blankets

the bulging blue trash bag

stuffed with wadded wrapping paper

rotting turkey innards

and quickly fading memories

waits patiently in the snow

The Prequel

December 28, 2017

i’m too far along in years

to atone for every past transgression

but I can begin writing a prequel

to some future life

Foul Traveler

December 28, 2017

this foul traveler

a sudden unwelcome guest

winter stays here now

Magic Still Exists

December 25, 2017

children fast asleep

dreaming of Santa’s presents

magic stil exists

The Hillside

December 23, 2017

barren brown hillside

beaten by relentless wind

just wants to lie down