Autumn Leaves

January 5, 2016

seems most folks love the autumn leaves


“oh yeah, them’s real nice” I say with a smile

but mostly I’m just thinkin’ it means the cold is comin’

— and sooner than they know


them pretty leaves match the rust on the bridges and the dirty sky blends good with the streets ’round here

there’re nights when those streets are almost hot and you don’t even dream of a blanket

— but not this time a year


some afternoons the sun peaks through all them buildings and makes it clear to the ground

oh yeah I sit there in the warmth like a dog does when the sun pokes in the window of his house

— movin’ every so often til it can’t hit me no more


oh yeah I had a house once

wasn’t so great bein’ all cooped up like that

— stayed warm enough though that’s the truth


some won’t make it through when the winter hits full on

it takes a knack you know

a man needs more than smokes and somethin’ to drink

— but those sure help yes sir


ain’t no big deal I’ll be fine you watch

oh yeah

— I’m gonna have my spring again



4 Responses to “Autumn Leaves”

  1. facetfully Says:

    Looks like poetry fits in your bag too!

  2. Terry Tyler Says:

    THis is really good 🙂

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