In Response to the Anchor Mom

May 6, 2015

Let me preface this post by saying that it is very important to me to be a person who doesn’t judge, or seem judgmental, towards others.  However, it is more important to me that I defend what I think is right – or stand up against what I believe to be wrong.  I hope readers agree.

This morning I read two disturbing blog posts from Amanda Goodman, an anchor with KWWL Channel 7 News, located somewhere in Iowa.  I encourage everyone to read the posts “We are PARENTS – not FRIENDS” and “The ‘Entitlement Generation'” on Amanda’s cleverly named blog, Anchor Mom.  The gist of these blogs (or my interpretation, at least) is that parents today are too easy on their children, and that kids these days have a sense of entitlement, don’t respect adults or authority figures, are praised rather than challenged, and are basically “spoiled, entitled brats.”  Although broad generalizations (and something every generation in history has said about its youth), all ideas I might tend to agree with on the surface.  Wait, though, she also indicates that it is okay to physically abuse your kids (insert the “record scratching to a stop” noise here).

While Amanda claims her parents didn’t “beat” her, she proudly writes about being “hit with a wooden spoon,” and how she “got the back of (her) mom’s hand to (her) mouth” if she back-talked, and that one crazy time when she missed curfew so her mother grabbed her hair and “literally ripped (her) out of the car…(with) a good grasp on (her) scalp…nails digging into (her) head…”  All of these examples are apparently just Amanda’s ideas of good parenting, since she goes on to state that “I am thankful I was raised the way I was raised in the era I was raised in.”  (Yes, she used the word “raised” three times here.)  She also writes, “Clearly (my parents) did something right (with a happy face/winking emoticon).  And let’s be real for a minute, it wasn’t all about a wooden spoon.  It was about manners and respect.”

Amanda, may I suggest (actually, recommend) that you can teach manners and respect without physically hurting your children?  It’s my opinion that hitting is an indication that the parent doesn’t have the patience to properly discipline their kids.  As a result, the easiest (and probably most self-gratifying) thing to do is to lash out at the child who is acting up.  You say your parents didn’t beat you, but getting back-handed regularly (or ever) is abuse in my book.  You say it teaches respect, but I believe it teaches the opposite of respect – it teaches a child that it is acceptable to hurt someone if they do something the child doesn’t like.  Abuse at home is a leading cause of bullying at school, but I’m sure you already know this from your anti-bullying efforts, which your station’s website mentioned.  Abused children are also more likely to become abusive parents.  Hopefully you haven’t already discovered this.

Suzy Kassam said, “Stand up for what is right, regardless of who is committing the wrong.”  I’m not saying, Amanda, that your parents were horrible people or that they didn’t care for you, but they were abusive.  I know you will probably continue to disagree with my opinion that what they did was wrong.  Despite this, I at least hope you don’t (mis)treat your own children the way you were (mis)treated.  You don’t have to hurt kids to avoid “send(ing) spoiled, entitled brats into the world.”  I’m no expert on child abuse, and I’m far from a perfect parent or person.  However, I’m a good enough parent and person to know that if I ever see you yanking your child from a car by the hair, you will have to deal with me.


10 Responses to “In Response to the Anchor Mom”

  1. Rutha1020 Says:

    Perfectly said!!!!

  2. gincat Says:

    THANK YOU! I read her post too… tried to comment and so far my comments are not posted. Talk about one sided maybe not the best place to get your news.
    My comments were neither vulgur nor disrespectful they were just different. My two points were that she has no right to compare her upbringing with that of the boy in Baltimore because in realty, he could get hurt! His mother was despirate and probably scared! She as a priviledged 16 year old was probably given an inch and took a mile.
    My second point is just that maybe the world is the way it is because when children learn that you get punished for doing something some one doesn’t like they have the right to punish… they grow up to be entitled adults! hmmm sound familiar!? Adults who maybe cant take being confronted with a different view???
    Anyway rant over shes not even credible, it just hurts that there are so many mindless followers pumping their fists and egging her on.

    • scotty73 Says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Sadly, she obviously doesn’t see anything wrong with parents behavior. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.

      • gincat Says:

        Just looking around now I like your style! Haha I’ll admit I came here because of the Anchor Mom thing… and rereading my comment there I sound hysterical! but I am a bit.. It’s scary how things like that become mainstram and can set us back.
        I just don’t understand how you would use physical force to get a point across. Isn’t parenting all about teaching kids things. They come here blank, and have everything to learn!
        But yes I digress, this blog… saved my sanity.. I almost thought I was alone.

      • scotty73 Says:

        Thanks again. Feel free to follow me!

  3. tjfraser Says:

    Oh my gosh! Scotty! Thank God for a voice of reason!
    I had a verbally-written argument with Ms. Goidman over these two articles in which she proudly blocked me from her blog-which seemed odd given shes a reporter. I would think that you would expect people to disagree with you occasionally. But not, I found out, with THE Amanda Goodman. She’s on quite a pedestal.
    I’m being judgemental of her because she actually slammed me in the blog written AFTER the two offending blogs that you discuss.
    I called the station and they removed the offensive blog that was directly about me, but not before 100 of her fans went on a witchhunt after me calling me every name in the book.
    Thank you for your sanity and your blog. I really appreciate hearing your voice of reason against three very abusive and harmful blogs written by amanda goodman.
    By the way, I think she believes in reverse bullying if she feels it is warranted.
    I have to add that I reacted to her blog badly and said it was idiotic to connect the physical punishment with good parenting. I should have worded that differently. But I don’t think it warranted the ATTACK on her part. And her readers part.
    She has a big mouth with an even bigger fan-base.

    • Brad Scott Says:

      Thanks very much. She was definitely not happy about this blog post!

      • tjfraser Says:

        She doesn’t handle criticism well which surprised me since she is an anchorperson.
        She shut down the people that disagreed with her and told them not to comment. I kept commenting and she blocked me.
        Free speech and journalism???
        She has a huge following and does anti-bully work. However, she seems to be obsessed with “haters” to the point that everyone who disagrees with her is a hater.
        I’m still upset about the incident. I’m actually from her newscast area and I now live in Seattle. It seemed like two giant steps back in progress. After reading her fan’s comments I realized many people hit their kids, and think it’s the right thing to do for all the reasons that Amanda named.
        I’m glad you blogged. It was written very well. I was too upset when I read her blogs and couldn’t string my words together well enough! Lol
        I still think she may have used these topics to go viral. Like a marketing scam?
        She just won an Emmy. God help us. Lol

      • Brad Scott Says:

        An Emmy? I think she is probably more interested in publicity and seeing herself on TV than she is in reporting news. Maybe I’m wrong? I know that “anchorperson” does not always equal journalist. Thanks again for the nice comments and for following my blog. Take care.

      • tjfraser Says:

        That was my conclusion too. Thanks for your blog!

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