It’s the “Little Things” in Life…

April 6, 2015

As I begin my second week at home with my daughter, Ainsley, I feel more certain than ever that I have made the right decision by becoming a full-time stay at home dad.  Spending the entire day, each day, with your four year old child takes quality time to a whole different level.  There are so many little things to be grateful for – like my daughter reaching up and holding my hand while we walk.  Since this arrangement is so new, Ainsley is still very excited to be home with me.  Because of this, I can’t help but wonder if the first few weeks will be the best.  At some point I expect her to get bored, as kids do.  Until then (and after) I will make the most of our time, and do everything I can to make each day significant in some small way.

Our first week was great.  We went hiking, visited four different parks (one of which is a landmark park that I loved as a child, but unfortunately now appears to be a destination for smokers who are looking for a place to let their kids play while they enjoy cigarettes and talk on their phones), had two picnics, met Ainsley’s grandparents for lunch, went to an outdoor “living history” museum, read books and did chores (I’m trying to make sure we do both of these daily), and more.

The best part for me has been simply hanging out and talking.  This kid of mine has a lot to say – sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes just plain weird (like her dad).  Here are some highlights for me.

  • While walking through grass in a park:  “Dad, you have to be careful when you’re walking in grass because sometimes there is dog poop, which you can step in and not even know it.  Poop is really gross, unless it’s when you are just pooping in the toilet.”
  • When we drove passed a group of cyclists, one of whom was lagging far behind:  “Wow, I guess that guy in the back must be the slowest (long pause), but that wouldn’t be very nice to say to him.”
  • While driving and “All About That Bass” came on the radio:  “Do not change the station, this is literally the best song, except they twerk in the video.”
  • After I told Ainsley that it was too cold for a tank-top, and that she needed a jacket:  “Dad, it’s fine.  I can live a hardcore lifestyle.”
  • When I was folding laundry, specifically my wife’s underwear:  “Gross – mom’s butt touches that!”
  • While driving home after a picnic (leaning back in her booster seat with hands clasped behind her head):  “This is the life, man.”
  • One morning while eating breakfast:  “Dad, you know I will always be there for you, right?”

I love this kid, and I’m loving this opportunity.  Despite the financial sacrifices my family is making, I feel quite rich.  I’m trying to remember to be in the moment and to appreciate everything.  Even the seemingly “little things,” like holding my daughter’s hand.  I know some day it will be for the last time.


3 Responses to “It’s the “Little Things” in Life…”

  1. facetfully Says:

    Wonderful experiences, happy memories to hold, funny thoughts…and sad too…that last line!

  2. Jen Says:

    Love reading your blogs. The time goes by so very fast 😦

  3. Leslie Says:

    You won’t regret this time. So happy for you and Ainsley both!

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