To My Daughter’s Teachers – A Very Sincere Thank You

March 27, 2015

Today is my daughter Ainsley’s last day of preschool.  If you’ve been following along, you know that she will be staying home with her ol’ daddy until kindergarten begins in August.  Ainsley leaving preschool is bittersweet for me.  I’m very excited for our upcoming time together, but I acknowledge that she may miss out on some experiences she could get with other children present in a more structured environment.  Our family has been incredibly fortunate to have three of the best childcare providers any parents (and child, whether they realize it or not) could ask for.  This is something I have not taken for granted, but as the end of an era is upon me, I can’t help but wonder if these women understand how much they are truly loved and appreciated?  My daughter is my most precious and fragile cargo, and for my wife or I to be able to drop her off each day knowing that she will be safe, happy and genuinely loved, is beyond comforting.  It has been a gift.

Ainsley’s first preschool (some might say “daycare,” but it was so much more than that) experience – from three months to three years old – was with Ruth Ann, who also taught my son, two of my nieces, and several friends’ children.  It is my belief that she is one of the greatest people on Earth.  Ruth Ann’s role in the mental, physical and emotional development of my kids was equal to or more important than the role my wife and I had.  Among so many other important things, she taught them what it means to be kind (who could possibly be better at teaching this?).  I see this in my children everyday, and it is what I am most grateful for.  Ruth Ann will always be thought of as family, and will never be forgotten.

Ainsley has been with her current teachers, Erica and Mary, for almost two years.  It is a classroom setting, but the individual attention to all the children has been so impressive.  Ainsley is reading and writing, has a love of art, and has become very outgoing.  I attribute much of this to the care she has received from her teachers.  There is a large window in the classroom that allows you to see the playground, which is where the kids are usually playing in the afternoon when parents are arriving to pick them up.  Sometimes I sneak in and watch Ainsley.  Many days she is playing with friends, but it is just as common to see her sitting on a bench talking to Erica or Mary – and they always seem engaged and glad to be part of the conversation.  It’s little things like this that I have noticed, but have not done a good job of expressing my gratitude for.

Over the next four and half months, I will be stealing ideas I have picked up on from Ainsley’s teachers over the last four and half years.  My number one goal is to keep her happy and learning.  We will read and tell stories, we will sing and make loud noises, we will create art of all types, we will go on adventures, we will find ways to help in the community…we will have fun!  But I have a feeling there will be days when we both will wish we had a “real” teacher around to help out.

Bob Talbert said “Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”  Thank you to Ruth Ann, Erica and Mary for teaching my daughter to count, and doing so much more.  Over time her memory of you may fade, but the values you have instilled in her will be ever-present.




One Response to “To My Daughter’s Teachers – A Very Sincere Thank You”

  1. facetfully Says:

    Stellar thank-you note!

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